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HC-U2200 Slitter Machine


Applied to cut PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS and composite printing material
1. Separate the unwinding cut income group and volume group
2. Hydraulic upper and lower raw material
3. 3"and 6"axis-free discharge
4. Setting the quality of observation sheet material membrane
5. Section tension, between unwinding and traction, use constant tension with roll control technology.
6. Razor type cutting, cut and cutting are two
7. Use rubber roller adjusted bending flattening materials smoothness
8. Ac vector drive traction active traction roller
9. After two groups of automatic tilting rewinder frame
10.  High precision rewinder non-contact roller
11.  Meter downtime, anticipate downtime
12.  The PLC control, touch user interface.
Technical parameters:
Mechanical speed: 600m/min
Material width: 2200mm
Thick diameter: 10000mm
Discharge form: No shaft discharge
Winding width: 500-2200mm
Winding diameter: 1000mm