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HC-K1300 Cutting Machine


Applied to cut PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS and composite printing material
1, Hydraulic loading£¬Shaftless air cylinder type clip material.
2, Raw materials used magnetic brakes and tension sensor, Combined into a loop-type material, automatic tension control
3, Unwinding of imported automatic control of optical correction
4, Main traction and rolling all use vector variable frequency control.
5, Razor-type cutting:  Suspension cut and Notch
6, Rolling, adopt inner inflatable slip axle, power-controlled transformation, and auto adjust tension.
7, Meter, total package, no material down
8, Volume retractable tension, set display
9, PLC machine control, touch screen.
Technical parameters
Mechanical speed:300m/min
Material width: 1300mm
Thick diameter: 800mm
Discharge form: No shaft discharge
Winding width: 50-1300mm
Winding diameter: 450mm