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HC-W1300 Cutting Machine



Applied to cut PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS and composite printing material
1, Hydraulic loading,Shaftless air cylinder type clip material.
2, Raw materials used magnetic brakes and tension sensor, Combined into a loop-type material, automatic tension control
3,  Unwinding of imported automatic control of optical correction Main traction and rolling all use vector variable frequency control.
4, Razor-type cutting:  Suspension cut and Notch
5, Rolling, adopt inner inflatable slip axle, power-controlled transformation, and auto adjust tension.
6, Meter, total package, no material down
7, Volume retractable tension, set display
8, PLC machine control, touch screen.
Technical parameters
Mechanical speed: 300m/min
Material width: 1300mm
Thick diameter: 800mm
Discharge form: No shaft discharge
Winding width: 50-1300mm
Winding diameter: 450mm