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HC-FJ1300 Inspection Rewinder


 Suitable for the plastic film, paper printing, the quality inspection of rewinding
1, The roll it used shaftless air, hydraulic pressure fluctuation
2, The rolls are using vector frequency conversion control
3, The traction by using the vector frequency conversion control
4, Winding adopts imported photoelectric automatic correction system
5, The adopts roller contact-mode control
6, Can be positive &negative, meter, anticipate downtime
7, Image scanning or stroboscopic watcher
8, PLC control, touch human-machine interface
Technical parameters:
Mechanical speed: 400m/min
Raw material width: 1300mm
Thick diameter: 800mm
Rewinder width: 1300mm
Rewinding diameter: 800mm
Inspection method: imaging scans or stroboscopic view side